Employee Spotlight – Samantha Evans

August 23rd,2019

We checked in with one of our teachers who arrived earlier this year.  Samantha Evans in Shenzhen is having a great time and we are so happy she’s joined the team!
When did you arrive in China?
I arrived March 12th of this year.
What did you do for work before you came here?
I was teaching in Korea for 2 years in Busan.
What is your role with ENREACH and what city do you live in?
I teach public speaking and critical thinking and analysis in reading and writing, commonly referred to as CRW and PS. I am based out of Shenzhen.
What advice do you have for new employees and those new to China?
Things are difficult but nothing is impossible. Be prepared to go through some extra steps you may not have had to before for things like banking, shopping, etc. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Make sure you have a good quality phone before you come because everything here relies heavily on apps.
Your favorite food you’ve discovered so far?
As a vegan, I love the oil splashed noodles (you po mian). They’re a little spicy but always very fresh where I get them! The noodles are hand-pulled right in front of you and tossed with oil and vegetables.
Where are you going on your next vacation?
Next month I head to Chengdu to explore my first city in China outside of Shenzhen. I’m hoping my next out of country vacation will be Thailand but I have made no concrete plans yet.